Person behind these colors

Hey, I am Sonali. Born and raised in India and now I call Sweden my home.

India is a VASSSSST country and thanks to my father’s work our family never stayed in a place for more than 4 years; so I was blessed to see the breadth and depth of various cultures (including delicious mouth-watering cuisines) my birth country offers. Now in Sweden I am amazed to see the ever-changing cycles of season. The landscape changes every weeks and its truly remarkable.

I have been fortunate in many ways to experience different cultures in different countries and, I feel that has impacted the way I paint with colors, with different styles - not settling for a particular theme, just like not settling for a particular place in life!  

I am a mother to two little curious boys. When I am not painting, I either read or indulge in photography.

I am also into dream interpretations, and it is still learning journey to understand the dream realms.

If you want to know more about my personal journey, motherhood and photography, click below

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My Art

I am a self-learned artist and I have been painting since-- childhood.I believe everybody is an artist and some just keep the inner child alive still when they grow up.I absolutely love love love working with oils but now I am enjoying my time with Watercolors and Acrylics.

Acrylic is engaging with the diverse nature of texture it provides along with plethora of mediums. Watercolor is my brief way to escape from reality, I like to draw colorful cityscapes in watercolors and complex botanical flowers when I want to be a little more concentrated.


My art is more like my state of mind at a given point of time rather than anything constant or predefined style. Maybe one day I will develop my own signature style but as of now my mess is my style.