The Best Way To Hang Canvases On Walls

The Best Way To Hang Canvases On Walls

Step 1 - Choose Your Hanging Hardware

Now it's time to decide how you'll hang your new wall art. Wall art prints may come with hanging hardware, such as string or D-rings and picture wire; if yours does not, you will have to install a way to hang it. 

Several methods are effective for certain sizes of canvas:

  • For small to medium-sized canvasses, nails and sawtooth brackets are the best choice, offering greater stability and causing the least amount of damage to the wall.

  • Commonly used at more professional venues, eye hooks are very easy to use, and are strong enough to hold a medium-sized canvas. They also don't take up much wall space.

  • J-You can use J-hooks if you do not wish to attach hardware to the canvas.ffer greater stability for large and wider canvasses, and affix directly to the wall. They also come in a range of sizes and colours as well, and some are even manufactured in such a way that they enhance the look of your canvas art.

  • Velcro or adhesive strips - These are often removable. They are easy to use, but only hold a weight capacity of 2 to 8 kilos, so they are ideal for lighter canvasses.

Step 2 - Take Canvas Measurements

Check the measurements of your canvas art and pay attention to where the center points are to allocate the appropriate space on your wall.

Similarly, you should also measure the area where you'll set up the art to avoid unintentionally having it overlap with other decorative elements. It's also important to determine the distance from the ceiling you want to use.

The midpoint for canvas art is generally 25cm above a piece of furniture and 125cm to 150cm from the floor.

Step 3 - Mark the wall and hammer the spot

Next, clean the wall space and ensure there are no bumps that could affect the balance of your new decorative element.

Once that is done, mark an X where the center point should be and carefully nail the hook right where you marked it. Keep in mind that your canvas will sit slightly above your mark.

Hammer the nail at your marked spot with your hammer. Nail at a slight angle so the wall takes most of the weight of the canvas.

Step 4: Attach the hanging hardware to the canvas

The next step is to attach your chosen hardware to the back of your canvas, if it does not already have it attached. This depends on the size of your canvas.

On smaller canvases, the hardware can be placed right at the center or near it.

It's the same for tall pieces, but you want to space them further apart for wider canvases.

Step 5: Hang Your Canvas

Take a step back and hang your canvas. Make sure that it's centered on the wall by taking a good look at it.

Use your spirit level to help you balance the canvas if necessary.

Feel free to decorate around the new piece once you're done. Just keep in mind the measurements - at least 25cm from the nearest piece of furniture if you would like it to stand alone.

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